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VieDenta Kliniek is specialised in the All-on technique. The dentists of the All-on-centre of VieDenta Kliniek have already successfully placed thousands of implants and have gained an extensive experience, that is rare.

When you choose an exclusive solution like an All-on-construction (All on 4 or All on 6), you will want to choose a clinic that is specialised in this technique. In the All-on-centre of VieDenta Kliniek all expertise is available under one roof, to provide you with the best possible result.

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The perfect solution for your smile

Are you insecure and are you ashamed of your teeth? Don’t you dare to laugh out loud or are you scared of what people might think about your teeth?

An All-on-construction (like an All on four or All on six) is a full bridge that is attached to implants. This means that you don’t have to worry about loose teeth or about dentures that come loose by themselves. This fixed construction on implants gives you maximum comfort and the feeling that you have your natural teeth again.

VieDenta Kliniek returns your confidence with an All-on-construction.

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What is an All-on-construction?

An All-on-construction is meant for a toothless situation. Usually 4 to 6 implants are placed per jaw. In most cases it is possible to remove remaining teeth and place implants in the same session, which shortens the treatment procedure and the comfort that two different treatments can be combined. These treatments can be done also in our dental general anaestehtics centre.

The implants need to take root in the jaw bone for about 4 months. After this time, our dental laboratory can start designing and producing the custom made All-on-constructions. The final All-on-construction is a full bridge that will be screwed tight onto the placed implants and can’t be taken out by the patient.

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Immediate confidence with a temporary All-on-construction

When the implants are placed, normally traditional dentures are placed as well to bridge the healing period.

At VieDenta Kliniek the possibility is available to place a temporary All-on-construction 1-2 days after the operation. This cis comparible with the final All-on-construction, but made of another material and cannot be charged too much. Temporary All-on-constructions are comfortable, it preserves taste and gives you more self confidence. The dentist will inform you if temporary All-on-constructions are a possibility in your personal situation.

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Everything under one roof

At the VieDenta Kliniek All-on-centre we have our own dental laboratory and dental general anaesthetics centre under one roof, where dentists, technicians and anaesthesiologists work directly together. This close cooperation leads to direct and clear communication without any delay. Meet our specialists here.

Robert Strijkert

Drs. Robert Strijkert

Tandarts & Intake adviseur
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tandarts, angstcoach expertise

Drs. Harrie Op de Laak

Tandarts – gespecialiseerd in implantologie, tandarts-gnatholoog, slaapgeneeskundige
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VieDenta Kliniek tandarts-implantoloog Willem Baas

Drs. Willem Baas

Tandarts – gespecialiseerd in implantologie
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Tandtechnicus werkend in tandtechnisch laboratorium

Ugur Nagas

Hoofd tandtechnisch laboratorium
Kubilay, tandtechnicus


Manager Logistiek en Administratie tandtechnicus
Tandtechnicus Nikos


Tandtechnicus in opleiding


Tandtechnicus in opleiding
VieDenta Kliniek Chantal van den Bogaart


VieDenta Kliniek Jens Fischer

Dr. Jens Fischer

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VieDenta Kliniek Isabelle

Isabelle van Hoften

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A treatment in our All-on-centre explained, step by step

Do your experience failing teeth or dentures and do you wish a fixed solution? Choose a comfortable and sustainable solution with natural looking All-on-constructions that preserve the delicious taste of food and enable you to speak with self-confidence and laughing out load.

Get inpired

Everybody loves beautiful teeth, right? Are you curious how the treatment was experienced by other patients and what the results look like? Here you can see some examples of people that love to share their new smiles with you.

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VieDenta Kliniek All-on-4 nafoto
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Let your new smile get started at VieDenta Kliniek

Your experiences and stories

Before going into treatment, it often is comforting to read the stories of people who had their treatment before you. Every opinion matters and we appreciate it enormously when people are prepared to share their stories on our website. So get inspired by the stories you can read here!

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Het is mooi om te zien dat er mensen zijn die hun vak verstaan en er iets moois van maken!

Natuurlijk zie je er een beetje tegen op je weet niet wat er allemaal gaat gebeuren, maar bij mij was het zo dat het niet zo goed ging met mijn voortand en de tanden ernaast. Dus samen met Willem de beslissing genomen.

96% van onze klanten beveelt dit bedrijf aan!



The treatment, an all-on-four construction, was quite the journey. I am very happy and satisfied with the result and with the skilled and professional manner Willem Baas has performed the treatment. Really great! Also the contact with the kind assistants and other staff, as well as the calm environment have contributed positively to me feeling at ease.

Contact us for a consultation

Do you want to make an appointment for a consultation in our All-on-centre or do you have any other question? Fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Off course you can also call us directly on  085 – 01 33 500

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